kasper made by zen mist diffuser
kasper made by zen mist diffuser
kasper made by zen mist diffuser
kasper made by zen mist diffuser
how to refill a made by zen mist diffuser

Kasper Made by Zen Mist Diffuser

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Made by Zen is the UK’s leading brand of electric mist diffusers and essential oils. Your Made by Zen mist diffusers allows you to fragrance your home effectively, using a wide selection of aromatherapy essential oils. Calm your surrounding with the elegant mood lighting and relax with the colour therapy mood lights found on a range of our Made by Zen mist diffusers.

Made by Zen mist diffusers improve the quality of the air you breath in your home by hydrating and moisturizing the air. Some customers have reported they found breathing and dryness of skin to improve whilst using their Made by Zen Mist diffusers.

Kasper's features 

- Control your Kasper through it's own remote control, allowing you to change between settings without getting up

- Create a sense of inner balance and calm with the ambient breathing light. The bright LED lights will slowly dim and then get brighter the a slow meditative sequence

- Preferred Light intensity setting 

- Intermittent mist options ideal for use with stronger essential oils

- Large water tank with a run time of up to 6 hours

- Auto switch off when water runs out


Fill your home with a huge variety of incredible fragrances

Fragrance your surroundings healthily and effectively using just essential oils and water. With an ever-growing range of fragrances, you’ll never get bored of finding new scents for your home

Simple and easy to use

Simply remove the top of your diffuser, Fill the water tank with cold tap water, then add 3-8 drops off your desired fragrance, plug in switch on and enjoy immediate fragrance. When the water tank is empty the diffuser will automatically switch off. After each use wipe the water tank with a damp cloth removing any remaining oil then fill up and enjoy again

Wellness and pure relaxation at home

Use the blends of essential oils to calm your senses, aid relaxation and sleep and boost your mood and create a positive environment. It is like having access to a spa from your home

Improves the quality of the air in your home

Hydrates and moisturizers the air without adding condensation, improving the quality of the air in your home by catching dust and pollen particles in the fine water mist emitted. Customers reported they found breathing and dryness of skin to improve whilst using an aroma diffuser

Safe around children and pets

No heat or smoke is produced from your aroma diffuser just a fine water mist infused with the essential oil of your choice.

Please always check with your vet if you are concerned about using essential oils around pets at home

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