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Maison Berger Ice Cube - Air Pur - lovearomameadowhall

Maison Berger Ice Cube - Air Pur

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Maison Berger is a French brand developed over 120 years ago in the 19th Century. Its founder, Maurice Berger created an innovative process of diffusions via a catalyst to purify the air of hospital rooms. Today Maison Berger Fragrance lampes and perfumes are used in homes across the world to destroy unwanted odours, purify the air and leave a beautiful long-lasting fragrance throughout the home while the stunning architecture of the lampe adds design and style to the home.

Ice Cube Gift Pack

Combine the sleek straight sides of the Ice Cube lampe with the soft rounded edges, and it makes the perfect addition to any home.

Air Pure 250ml Fragrance refill 

Essential Air Pure - Neutral perfume purifies the air in your home without adding fragrance, you will also use the Air Pure to clean your burner before you swap to a new fragrance. Another use for Air Pure is to add to to a home fragrance that you find a bit too strong to dilute the scent a bit

Destroy unwanted bad odours

The patent technology of the catalytic burner doesn’t just mask bad odours it actively destroys them and purifies the air in the process

A wide range of long-lasting evoking perfumes

Developed by trained perfumers in Paris, taking inspiration from the environment and life around them these captivating fragrances channel the olfactory memory. We have a wide range for fragrance to choose from, find your favourite fragrance in one of the perfume families: Floral, Fresh, Woody, Sweet and Pure

Beautiful, unique diffusers developed by well-known designers

Practicality meets art! Maison Berger fragrance Lampes are not only incredibly useful and effective but they also make stunning additions to your home. With famous designers collaborating with Maison Berger from Johnathan Adler, Lolita Lempicka to Matali Crassent there’s no wonder Coco Channel and Pablo Picasso were fans of the brand

Enjoy the ritual of the Lampe

Unlike a candle where you would just light it and leave it to burn, the ritual of the lampe has a few more steps to it. Fill your burner 2/3 full of your choice of home fragrance, leave the burner to sit and soak up the fragrance for around 30 mins, then light the burner, leave this lit for 2-3 mins, after the flame has dropped blow it out. Leave your lampe to diffuse for 20-30 mins then turn it off by placing the stopper cap over the burner. The beautiful long-lasting fragrance will stay in your air for 3-4 hours.

Caring for your lampe and burner

- Remove the burner from your lampe if you’re not going to be using it for several weeks

- Change your burner every 200 lights or once a year

- Clean your burner with Air Pure – Neutral when you change to a different fragrance

- Using fragrances other than those of Maison Berger can seriously damage your burner

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